Cracked Screen? Battery not charging? We've got you covered!

Laptop won't charge or sometimes is charges intermitently? Will it only run on battery? These problems indicate that you probably have a bad DC power jack.

Symptoms of a broken DC jack                                                                            Causes of a broken DC jack
→ Broken or cracked DC jack                                                                                → Tripping on or pulling out the power cord
→ Battery won't charge or charges intermittently                                                     → Flaw in the manufacturing process
→ When the power cord is moved the power or battery light(s) flicker                          → Alot of plugging/unplugging of the power cord
→ Laptop will not charge, but recently worked on the battery                                     → Using a universal or non-OEM power cord

What is J-STD-001?

Our repair technician is a Certified IPC Specialist (CIS). What does this mean to you? Uncompromised quality that many other repair companies do not have. This certification in J-STD-001 Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies ensures that the solder repair/rework done on your laptop is equivalent to the OEM production. Many (if not most) large electronic manufacturers recognize the importance of IPC standards, such as: Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, Intel learn more...

What we do...

Local pick-up is available for those customers in the Long Beach area at no charge.

Most repairs are completed in 2-3 business days.

Free cleaning included!
Free diagnostic testing! (upon request)
Add additional services for $15 each* (Screen repair, Memory upgrade, Hard Drive Upgrade, etc.)
Expedite your repair for just $20 (same day repair)
One year warranty on repair(s)**

If we are unable to complete the repair, you are not charged (excluding shiping charges)

$90 Flat Rate on most models (this includes the DC jack, labor and standard return shipping)
Please Contact Us for more information

*plus the cost of parts!
**Warranty void if jack was previously repaired or if laptop is shipped with non-OEM power cord.